Water Suppliers

Water Suppliers

As professional water suppliers in the UK, our team provide an excellent service - please contact us now for details on costs.

Water Utility Companies

Water Utility Companies

There are a number of water utility companies in the UK to choose from, however we offer the very best service at fantastic prices. Please enquire now for a quote.

New Water Connections

New Water Connections

We can provide new water connections for your home or workplace. If you want the best prices, please fill in our contact form now.

Water Suppliers

Are you looking for water suppliers to help connect your new home or business premises?  Are you in need of an SLP (self-lay provider) who is fully accredited and available to support homes and businesses up and down the country? 

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When it comes to finding safe, effective services and suppliers, you’re going to need to look for an expert team with years in the trade.  You’re also going to need to look for a team that’s fully vetted and authorised to carry out extensive mains and work within properties to make sure everything is flowing safely in and out. 

Our team (https://www.nationalmultiutilityconnections.co.uk/) not only has years of experience in the trade, but is widely regarded by many across our region and surrounding area as experts you can trust. 

We are the closest allies many firms and families have when it comes to local water suppliers, and as such, we always make sure to undertake all work with the utmost care and attention paid to your needs.  We will always make sure to design and implement safe, working systems that you can rely on for years to come.

Have you ever considered looking for nearby water suppliers before?  There’s plenty of reasons why you should.

Water Utility Companies

Unlike some other water utility companies, we balance our level of care and attention to detail with affordable tariffs and a local approach to water system design.  This means our team is friendly, approachable and is always keen to make things as straightforward for our customers as possible. 

With this in mind, even if you are worried about the complexity of certain supply systems, we will be able to guide you through the whole process to ensure you are completely happy.

You can rest assured that our work is undertaken to be accountable and to be authorised by industry watchdogs.  We’re registered with WIRS and are therefore reliable in each and every task we undertake.  When it comes to setting up a new supply, we’re going to need to look carefully at your needs, your budget and your safety. 

We’re also a certified self-lay provider.  That means if you are in need of a WIRS accredited self-lay organisation near me, you really need look no further.

New Water Connections

Some new water connections can be a little trickier than they first appear.  While it is all well and good to expect to have water supplied direct to your home and property, there may be occasions where you are intervening with a contested water supply.  This means that certain negotiations and discussions may need to take place with regard to how it can be safely and legally provisioned for you.

Don’t worry.  If you do appear likely to come across a contested supply, we will be able to take this into account for you with your water supply design and will be able to make all the relevant moves you need to get up and connected as soon as possible. 

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As an accredited SLP, we will be able to make a series of necessary connections and will be able to create various diversions with water mains in your area.  This means – ultimately – we will legally supply water to your home by any means necessary, and always with safety guaranteed.

Water Utilities

Some water utilities aren’t so up front when it comes to costs and fees.  While we assure all of our customers that connection charges may vary depending on a wide range of factors, we don’t ever throw extra, hidden fees in along the way.

As local, nearby water suppliers with plenty of experience, our mission is to make things as simple and as cost-effective for you.  Therefore, before we even consider starting work, we’ll make sure to offer you a solid quote for all the work we can expect to do for you. 

We’re sorry that we can’t be more up front about fees – but we do assure each and every customer that there is no obligation involved, and that the charges we request are of fantastic value for the level and scale of work and care we provide.

Water Meter Connection

Looking for a new water connection without the hassle?  Here are just a few ways in which we can help you:

  • We will carefully tailor and plan a water connection and supply to your property with you at the heart of the process.
  • We will supply you with a temporary connection while work is ongoing.
  • We will happily and safely disconnect any existing supplies you may have in place.
  • We will supply completely new water mains and services.
  • We’ll aim to do so with little disruption to your schedule or business.
  • We’ll assign dedicated account and design professionals to help guide you through the process from start to finish.
  • We’ll always be available to answer any questions you may have, or to make any changes you may require along the way.

What’s more, we’ll also be happy to help supply other services to your property.  As a multi utility provider, we can also make provisions for gas (https://www.nationalmultiutilityconnections.co.uk/gas/) and electricity supplies (https://www.nationalmultiutilityconnections.co.uk/electricity/) as part of the same package. 

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Therefore, if you need all three supplies installing, you only ever need to contact us!  That’s time, money and hassle saved for you all round.

Other Services We Offer

New Water Connection Cost

Worried about new water connection cost?  Don’t be.  As stated, as part of our promise, we will always quote you up front, ahead of any work we may undertake.  This means you are never obliged to move forward unless you want to.  However, we’re confident that we can provide you with the best prices for what we do throughout our surrounding area and beyond.

Need help from local water suppliers who have experience?  Fill in our contact form today to get in touch.  Do also consider your electricity and gas needs – as well will be able to cater to all three for you in one package.  It only takes a quick message!

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