Gas Supply

Gas Supply

If you are in need of a gas supply at your home or office, we can help at a reasonable cost. Please complete our contact form now.

New Gas Installation

New Gas Installation

We offer new gas installation across the UK. If you would like a quote for our services, please complete our contact form now.

Gas Supply

Setting up a gas supply for your new home or business premises?  No matter your needs, you're going to likely be looking for a safe, accredited supplier of expertise and equipment.  It is something which should never be handled without certain assurances. 

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Our engineers and supply service is fully accredited as part of the Gas Industry Registrar Scheme (GIRS).  This means our work is always fully accounted for, and you can always be assured that the work we do is both effective and safe.

Gas supply installations take certain care and attention.  You’re going to need to install with the help of a team and a firm who know their trade well. 

With years of dedicated, trusted experience behind us, we are the closest allies thousands of families and firms have when it comes to new connections and more besides.  Read on to learn more about what we can do for you!

Gas Utility Companies

Plenty of gas utility companies will advise that they are focused on offering efficient, safe service coupled with great customer care.  One of the massive benefits of arranging a supply with our team lies in the fact that we are a local, home-grown firm. 

We’ve been supporting new builds and happy customers across our region and surrounding areas for many years now, and as such, we’re proud to still be able to offer safe and efficient gas connection and supply.  Whether you need to divert certain services, need an old supply removing, or would just like to know more about the services we provide, we’re here to help.

New Gas Installation

In need of a new gas installation?  Here are some of the specialisms we can offer to both our commercial and residential customers:

  • Full installations from accredited engineers and partners
  • Gas meter removals
  • New gas meter and MPRN installations
  • Full service disconnections
  • Full infrastructure design and provision
  • Mains installations
  • Pipework installation and maintenance
  • Network connections to major suppliers

A new installation doesn’t need to be complex.  We pride ourselves on being upfront, straightforward and cost-effective.  It all starts with a phone call!

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Gas Utility

Some gas utility needs will be very different from others.  We understand that homes and premises come in all shapes and sizes, and this is what has spurred us on over the years to focus on a bespoke service.  This means that we will carefully analyse your current situation and will work closely with you to ensure you receive the exact service you require. 

Our talented engineers and experts will be able to design a fantastic, functional and safe supply for you to ensure your whole building feels the benefit.  Whether you’re in need of a new heating supply or need some serious attention giving to your existing pipework, all you need to do is let us know what you’re looking for.  Never be afraid to ask!

We can also offer other utilities, so please make sure to check out these pages too:

New Gas Meter Installation

Need a new gas meter installation for your property?  We’ll make sure to take out any old or existing meters you may wish to be disposed of, and we will get to work on provisioning a new MPRN and meter for you to start working with right away. 

Your meter is incredibly important.  If not installed correctly, you may find the cost of energy use to spike beyond your control.  For perfect meter readings and for cost-effectiveness, it is always advisable that you seek the support of accredited experts to help you. 

As the closest allies many people in our area have when it comes to gas supply expertise, we’ll make sure your meter is installed and working as it should be before we even consider completing our work.

New Domestic Gas Connection

Getting a new domestic gas connection may seem tricky, or even a bit of a headache.  It’s therefore our mission to take the hassle out of the picture altogether.  All you need to do is let us know which existing fixtures and fittings you may have, and what you are hoping to use the supply for.  We’ll do the rest. 

That includes digging deep into any pipework and analysing your mains connection.  It also means designing the perfect setup for your needs and requirements from scratch.  A bespoke gas supply will be one you can rely on for years to come. 

It will be safe, accounted for and easy to use – meaning that even if you are set to sell your home on, you can deliver added confidence right down the line.

Gas Meter Installation Cost

Gas meter installation costs may vary.  Rest assured, however, that we always make sure to let you know of any expected costs and fees before we get started.  This way, you’re never left in the dark or on the hop when it comes to charges. 

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Our team ( believe that our customers should have their expectations fully set before work begins.  You won’t always get that with other experts near me.  As your local experts in multi utility provision, let us set you up with a plan that will satisfy your needs as well as your budget.  There’s never any point in paying extra for something you don’t need!

Other Services We Offer

Mains Gas Connection

Having trouble understanding how a new mains gas connection might work?  Don’t worry.  Our seasoned experts will be able to look closely at all the relevant nooks and crannies to make sure you are safe and ready to go. 

If you’re having trouble understanding how gas supply works, let us ease your mind a little.  There’s no reason to launch yourself on your own.  You can always get in touch with our friendly nearby experts for all the support you’ll ever need!

In need of a new gas supply for a new build, home or business premises?  Look no further.  Fill in our contact form to get in touch with our team for a quote – and we will be back in touch.

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