Electricity Suppliers

Electricity Suppliers

Our team are professional electricity suppliers based in the UK. We offer nationwide multi utility connections. Please complete our contact form for more information.

Electricity Connection for New House

Electricity Connection for New House

If you are looking for an electricity connection for a new house our team can offer assistance. Please get in touch today for costs.

New Power Connection

New Power Connection

If you are in need of a new power connection, we can offer the greatest costs and prices. Speak to our team today for a free quotation.

Electricity Suppliers

Are you looking for a new electricity supply for your home?  Are you a new homeowner, or running a business, and are interested in connecting the best possible electricity solutions available for your property or premises? 

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As accredited electricity suppliers working with homes and firms up and down the country, our team is here to make sure you always get the best possible power for your money. 

We’re multi utility experts – and we’re always proud to help our customers with custom-designed and installed systems to weather years of use to come.

Setting up electricity for a brand new home or site can seem tricky.  However, with the right industry leaders by your side, you can always be assured that you’ll have power up and running within a short delay of time. 

With years of experience in our trade, we are energy suppliers specialising in new connections and new supply for simple and complex needs alike.  Why not take a look at what we can do, and get in touch with us if you’d like to know more?

Electricity Connection for New House

In need of an electricity connection for new house purposes?  Our local team and nearby centre is always on hand to help.  We are a verified ICP, which means we are accredited to work on behalf of the very best in the trade. 

Our top installers will not just supply you with a simple MPAN (meter number) – we’ll make sure your entire premises is fully connected and ready to go so that you can start enjoying your new home.  If you’re fixing up a new build to sell on, or if you need a new connection for a business, we apply the same care and attention to our work. 

What’s more, we ensure our installations are always operating to safety standards you’d always expect to receive.

Allow our team to take a close look at your new house needs and we will install a POC (point of connection) as well as all the extensive cabling and groundwork required.  Rest assured, our infrastructuring is provided with your absolute peace of mind in focus.

Best electricity supply prices

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New Power Connection

In need of a new power connection from a trusted, nearby energy supplier?  We are in strong partnerships with registered engineers and service people to be able to bring tailored solutions to each and every customer.  Electricity can be a complex business – and we're here to simplify it for you!

  • We specialise in new supplies and connections, and that all starts with a simple network design.
  • We will take into account your existing setup and floor plan and will even provision for the removal of existing supplies where applicable.
  • We’re accredited to remove and install substations.
  • As part of our multi utility service, we can also provide and provision gas (https://www.nationalmultiutilityconnections.co.uk/gas/) and water supplies (https://www.nationalmultiutilityconnections.co.uk/water/) inclusive within any custom energy plan. We’re not just top electricity suppliers – we can and will cover all bases if required!
  • If you need a temporary supply on-site, you simply have to let us know and we will connect you until the final work is completed. Therefore, you’re never left in the dark – literally!

We supply thousands of homes and sites across our surrounding area and beyond with utility services that we all depend on day in, day out.  It never has to be a complex affair!

Best Electricity Suppliers

Looking for the best electricity suppliers in your region with local prices guaranteed?  You’ve come to the right team.  We are always proud to be able to tailor our packages and services to the exact letter.  This means we will always look carefully at your needs and wants before we even start work. 

Let us help you design a perfect electricity supply plan which can be relied on from room to room.

We depend on electricity more than ever before.  This is why there is a necessity more so than ever to make sure power supplies are set up by trusted, accredited engineers.  We're here to make sure that your supply doesn't just work as it should. 

We're here to ensure it's efficient, cost-effective, and always safe to use.  Whether you’re using the supply yourself or are selling to a prospective buyer, our job is to supply some essential confidence.

We’re bolstered by a Lloyds Register Accreditation and are proud to be NERS certified.  That means we are not only experts at what we do, but that we are fully accountable for our work, too.  You need reassurance and confidence when it comes to setting up a new power supply of any kind.

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Electric Utility Companies

There are plenty of energy utility companies out there who profess to offer excellent value and service in everything they do.  However, we’re proud to be able to offer that ‘near me’ appeal in addition to attention to detail and our complete assurance of a job well done. 

We’re local engineers – we’re friendly, approachable and always ready to answer any questions you may have.  Why not go with a nearby firm when looking for electricity suppliers?

Substation Installation

Need a substation installation at a low cost?  Our team (https://www.nationalmultiutilityconnections.co.uk/) are expert substation commissioners – it’s always important that your electricity supply is safe to use, and you can rest assured that we have all the tools and all the fixtures to be able to provide you with reliable electricity for months and years to come.

We’re a one-stop-shop for substation engineering and more besides.

Other Services We Offer

Electric Utility Cost

Many people are worried about electric utility costs.  Our advice is – don’t panic! We always quote in full at the start of each commission, and as such, you are never left wondering what’s left to pay along the way. 

All of our work is priced based on certain factors such as custom parts, tools and manpower required.

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If you’re in need of electricity suppliers closest to you, help is at hand.  For new builds, business premises and more, fill in our contact form now to learn more.

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